Energy saving Introduce

We help users or third parties who are willing to carry out energy-saving transformation to provide energy-saving services including but not limited to the following types for their energy-saving projects:

1.Consultation service for energy-saving transformation, tailor-made solutions.

2.Energy-saving diagnostic services, professional measurement and diagnosis, and issuing professional energy-saving diagnostic reports.

3.Energy management services, intelligent operation and maintenance of key energy-using equipment, and scientific scheduling;

4.Sales, leasing and maintenance of energy-saving equipment or systems.

5.Implementation of energy-saving transformation in the field of motor system energy saving:

   a.Frequency conversion

   b.Optimization and upgrading of reactive power compensation for power supply and distribution

   c.Equipment upgrade (including replacement and upgrade of old equipment)

   d.Control system transformation

   e.Pipeline network upgrade and reconstruction;

We help users or third parties who are willing to carry out energy-saving renovations and are also limited by project funds to provide them with alternative business models that free cash flow:

1.Equal installment of principal and interest;

2.First installment and then installment payment;

3.Contract energy management; (Key recommendation)

With the aim of “zero investment for customers, worry-free for customers” and the business model of contract energy management mechanism, Greatall provide electric motor system energy consumption status diagnosis, energy saving project design, financing, transformation (construction, equipment installation, commissioning), operation management and other energy saving services.  




Operation Model

Energy management contracting (EMC) is a new energy-saving mechanism based on market operation developed in western developed countries in 1970s.

Different from the traditional purchases and sales of products and services, EMS does not promote a product or technology, but rather a financial management method to reduce energy costs. Its essence is an energy saving business method that to reduce energy cost to pay the full cost of energy saving projects.

EMC companies and energy-using units agree on energy-saving targets for energy-saving projects in the form of contracts. Energy-saving service companies provide necessary services to energy-using units in order to achieve energy-saving targets. Energy-using units pay energy-saving service companies' input with energy-saving benefits And its reasonable profit energy-saving service mechanism.



Operation Model

Operation Model

Project Process

Item Advantage

Zero investment for users

The audit, design, financing, procurement and construction of energy saving projects are all taken charge of by the energy saving service company. No need for the capital investment of the user, they can get the energy saving equipment and service from the energy saving service company.

Zero risk for users

After implementation of the energy saving project, the user will only pay part of the energy saving benefits to the energy service company if the energy saving benefits is generated, so there is no risk for the user.

User free of worry

The energy saving service company provides one-stop whole-process service to complete turn-key project for user.

Guarantee of energy conservation

Based on the full understanding and trust of the high-efficiency equipment and energy-saving technology invested by the company, the energy saving service company can promise energy saving to the users and ensure that the energy cost can be reduced immediately after the completion of the turnkey project.

Project self-compensation

The reimbursement of the investment cost of energy conservation renovation, the profit of energy conservation service company and the energy conservation income of energy user all come from the energy cost saved by the project.


The present situation of Pharmaceutical factory

a equipment with a backup

After energy saving transformation

a equipment with a backup (energy-saving equipment is mainly used and all old equipment is reserved as backup)

The forecast result of energy saving transformation: the annual electricity expense saving is about RMB197,760.

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