Greatall Cheng'en

Bengbu Greatall Cheng'en Compressor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is a professional company focusing on the R&D, manufacturing and sales of medium and high pressure compressor,mainly include CNG compressor, biogas compressor, coal-bed gas compressor, shale gas compressor, PET oil-free compressor, air-cooled medium and high pressure piston compressor, Water-cooled medium and high pressure piston compressor, screw and piston in combination, hydrogen/nitrogen/helium/argon/oxygen and other special gas compressors and oil field nitrogen unit.
Upon 100% independent R&D, Greatall Cheng'en is able to provide customers with various types of medium and high pressure compressors with discharge pressure up to 50MPa, flow up to 100m³/min, widely used in CNG filling stations, biogas utilization, coal bed gas and shale gas recovery, PET blowing, oil field N2 unit, oil drilling, seismic exploration, hydropower plant, leakage detection, purging, shipbuilding, military and other industries.



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