Hazardous Waste Treatment

Greratall devotes to the domestic hazardous wastedisposal and deep processing field. It’s subsidiary company, Greatall EnvironmentalProtection Technology Co., LTD. has technology cooperation with National Instituteof Clean and low carbon energy which belongs to China Energy InvestmentCorporation investment group in coal-fired power plant boiler flue gasdenitration selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system renewable resourcerecycling, waste catalyst. It is an international advanced technology which leadingby the national whole plan, the national "863" plan, the chiefscientist Dr SunQi team, and developed over five years, at a cost of $onehundred million, and won several national awards. The technology break throughthe foreign technology blockade, establish the omni-directionalthree-dimensional independent intellectual property rights from the aspects ofprocess, formula, equipment and so on, is currently in the domestic advancedlevel in thermal power plant boiler flue gas denitration catalyst reduction(SCR) system regeneration and catalyst refining industries.
Greatall Environmental Protection Technology Co., LTD.will be the first to realize commercial operation of this technology in Xiantao conomic development zone, realize hazardous solid waste recycling use. Theproject conforms to the national circular economy industry developmentdirection, belongs to the state optimal development of high technology industryin key areas.

Catalyst Regeneration

Catalyst regeneration indicators

  • After catalyst regeneration, K/K0 ≥95% , Catalytic activity generally in accordance with the fresh catalyst.

  • SO2/SO3 ≤0.3% , National standard is SO2 / SO3≤ 1%, can greatly reduce congestion and acid corrosion to the back end equipment such as catalyst, air preheater and so on.

  • Chemical life ≥24000h and physical life ≥50000h.

  • Single hole rate ≥95%, Higher than similar factories, flue gas effective contact area increases, improve NOX removal rate.

  • Regeneration of catalyst deactivation curve in accordance with new catalyst.

Catalyst Reactivation

Catalyst resource recycling system is the only spent catalyst alkaline extraction technology in domestic, short process, low energy consumption, high product recovery rate, vanadium and tungsten recovery rate to 90%, titanium recovery rate to 95%. It product titanium dioxide, sodium tungstate, ammonium vanadate, titanium tungsten powder efficiently and environmental. As an important chemical raw material back into the market, to realize the green industry cycle.

Product performance International standard ISO 591 Product indicators
TiO2 content,% (M / M) 98 98.6
Size (nm) 150-350 200
Hydrotrope,% (M / M) 0.4 0.3
Residue on sieve  (45um),% (M / M) ≤0.05 0.01
Water extraction resistivity, Ω M ≥30 42.74
Color (compared with sample) Similar Similar
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