Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Greatall Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. is equipped with proven technologies and equipment for comprehensive water environment treatment, solid waste disposal, watershed ecological construction, soil remediation, process simulation and other business segments, striving to provide the best solutions for municipal and industrial users. Greatall Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. has signed strategic cooperation agreements with China Aerospace Science and Industry Group Co., LTD., Aerospace Cloud Network Technology Development Co., LTD., and Germany WKS Company to jointly carry out research, development, marketing and other matters related to water treatment.

Adhering to the social responsibility policy of "people-oriented, abiding by laws and regulations, continuous improvement, and rewarding the society", Greatall Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. takes advanced technology as the service to improve the environment, with strong market pioneering spirit and development potential, and has been widely recognized by the market.

Tao Yue

Vice General Manager

Greatall Environmental Engineering Co., LTD.

Mob: +86 13908627789
E-mail: tomas.yue@greatall.com

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